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Summit’s Ambassadors

Alexandra Pascalidou
Alexandra Pascalidou
Alexandra Pascalidou emigrated from Greece to Sweden when she was six years old. She grew up in Rinkeby, one of the poorest and most segregated suburbs in Sweden, the first ever area in Sweden media named as a ghetto.
An award winning writer, journalist, TV-and radio hostess, producer and a human rights activist Alexandra Pascalidou has been working in both her home countries Greece and Sweden with documentaries, political debates, morning- and Christmas shows but also as a hostess for the Eurovision, the Olympic Games and different weekly TV-shows. She gives lectures and speeches on democracy and diversity, pluralism and equality. In November 2016 she was the keynote speaker on Free Speech and Hate Speech at the EU-Commission.
She is also a goodwill ambassador for among other organizations – Mentor and Fem Defenders- fighting for women’s rights on an international level.
She has received numerous awards for her work. Among others European of the Year 2015 Award.
Alexandra is currently producing and hosting political debates and talk shows in Swedish National Radio. Her political expertise makes her a returning face on Swedish National TV as an expert and commentator. Alexandra has published six books as well as edited and contributed to several anthologies, some of which have been critically acclaimed as bestsellers and have received numerous awards in Scandinavia. Her last book, soon to be launched internationally, “Chaos- a Greek dictionary of the Crisis,” has been praised among critics and described as “truly genius – a must read for all Europeans”.