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4th International Youth to Youth Summit Malmö, Sweden

31st of May – 4th of June 2018

Connect. Co-create. Empower. Share


We believe that the only way we can develop and solve problems is by coming

together and starting a dialogue!

In the 4th edition of the International Youth to Youth Summit, we are going back from where we started.
During the 1st Y2Y Summit in Lithuania 100 young leaders from more than 30 countries have developed recommendations for actions for business, governments, civil society organizations on the six most sensitive and relevant topics for the youth community in the world.

Y2Y Summit 2018 will be based on the action plan, which expresses the needs and priorities of the world youth community nowadays.

During the Summit, we will cover the following topics:
– Gender equality; SDG 5
– Sustainable economic growth and the future of the business; SDG 8
– Social entrepreneurship as an answer to the youth unemployment; SDG 8;
– Education for all; SDG4
– Peace through Intercultural Dialogue; SDG 16
– Youth co-creating sustainable cities and communities; SDG 11 and SDG 17;


to provide a platform for young leaders of the world to hone their leadership, diplomacy, cultural and intercultural communication, critical thinking and self-development skills.


to bring together the brightest students, youth activists, leaders in the society, social entrepreneurs, professors and businessmen/businesswomen to start a dialogue on global challenges of today and tomorrow and to make certain steps on the ways to solve them.

The event will include various activities such as

Inspirational speeches


Interactive workshops

Cultural performances

Networking and knowledge transfer sessions

Y2Y Action Hub contest for socially-beneficial ideas and initiatives

Development of solutions, scenarios and strategies of their implementation on the local level

City tour


By finding answers to the key questions, by exploring the topics from different perspectives, by sharing knowledge, best practices and unique experience, by connecting active youth with practitioners and experts, we want to build an integral atlas of opportunities and actions that will foster change and help to move forward to the sustainable tomorrow.